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Personal Injury

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Compassionate Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney LuAnn Ott Jilot understands how injuries can involve pain and aggravation that endure long after the initial accident. She knows that recovery can mean a long and painful process of physical and emotional healing, during which work is lost, bills mount up, and insurance settlements can be elusive.

At the law office of LuAnn Ott Jilot, P.C., we are dedicated resolving your personal injury claim effectively and conscientiously. We will diligently pursue getting you the compensation you deserve. If you have a personal injury claim, contact our office for a consultation.

We will help you receive compensation for injuries resulting from:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Wrongful Death

We will take any of these matters to court, if necessary. However, we believe in first trying to resolve personal injury matters using formal arbitration or mediation without court intervention. Whatever course you choose to take, you can be confident that we have the necessary skill to fight for your rights.

At the firm of LuAnn Ott Jilot, P.C., we will aggressively handle your personal injury matter, and vigorously pursue a just settlement from insurance companies or the individuals whose negligence resulted in your injury. We believe you have a right to fair compensation so you can pay your bills, and get the treatment you need.

If you have suffered a personal injury and seek compensation, contact the Denver law office of LuAnn Ott Jilot, P.C.

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