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Experienced Colorado Real Estate Law Attorney

Denver Residential and Commercial Transactions ● Real Estate Closings ● Real Estate Litigation

Problems may arise in the purchase and sale of a residence. For example, a real estate broker may not be able to resolve title issues, or important documents may be missing.

Even after the closing, a dispute may develop over alleged non-disclosure of pertinent information such as defects in the property. These are just some of the reasons you want a lawyer with extensive experience in real estate law to help you finalize the transaction.

Contact the law office of LuAnn Ott Jilot, P.C., for more information about your real estate transaction.

We have helped clients successfully conclude commercial and private residential transactions Since 1986. Attorney Ott Jilot has both a thorough knowledge of Colorado real estate law and has a Colorado real estate broker license. This combination brings her many referrals from real estate agents and mortgage brokers. We handle:

  • Real estate transactions-residential and commercial
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • 1031 Exchanges

If you are selling your home without the assistance of a broker (fsbo), she will draft the contract, order the title commitment, deal with amendments to the contract, review the title work, handle title problems and attend the real estate closing.

If you have a broker, she will review the contract and title work, and solve title problems that real estate brokers can not solve on their own. If necessary, we are ready to protect your rights via real estate litigation.

Whether you are buying your first home or embarking on a multi-million dollar commercial deal, contact LuAnn Ott Jilot, P.C., for more information.

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