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Probate and Estate Administration

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At the law office of LuAnn Ott Jilot, P.C. , we help draft wills for people of all ages. We know how important it is to protect your legacy. Our firm can assist people with questions they may have concerning the different types of wills and help them determine which type best meets their needs.

Probate Court Matters

When a person dies, his or her estate must be consolidated and distributed. Estate administration involves gathering the assets of the estate, paying off debts and distributing the assets that remain.

Dying without a will leaves an estate "intestate." In certain circumstances an action must be filed in the probate court must intervene. This can be a complicated process, especially for surviving family members who are still dealing with the death of their loved one. Our firm helps you take control of your probate matter and effectively guides you through probate administration. Contact our office for more information about your estate or probate issues.

In some cases, a dispute may arise over the distribution of an estate, even if it is stated explicitly in a will. These cases in probate litigation are called will contests and can take an emotional toll on an entire family. Although we favor settling inheritance disputes through negotiation, if this fails, we are also ready to represent heirs in court through probate litigation to protect their rights.

Property may also be distributed by creating a trust, which is an estate-planning tool that can replace or supplement a will, as well as help manage property during one's lifetime.

Attorney LuAnn Ott Jilot is known for the personal attention she gives her clients, particularly the care she devotes to helping a client who is creating an estate plan for the benefit of loved ones. She carefully drafts wills and sets up trusts to clearly establish what a client's wishes are and how these are to be fulfilled. You can rely on her to handle probate matters quickly and efficiently.

Contact our office for more information about estate administration, estate planning or probate.

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